Scott Lumsden

Hi, I’m Scott. I am a qualified English as a Second Language teacher, and a graduate of Politics and Philosophy from the University of Essex. I can help with all kinds of English needs, from grammar and academic work, all the way to everyday conversations and interactions. As well as teaching, I love to learn! I taught myself guitar, and I am currently trying to learn the piano. My other hobbies are reading, painting, and running.

Rosa Ferreira

Hello! My name’s Rosa and languages are my passion. I graduated from Coventry University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in English and TEFL and I’m a qualified English as a Second Language teacher.

When I’m not playing with my little girl, I enjoy reading, baking, watching films and TV series, and learning French – anything that’ll keep me from doing the housework really!

Dr John Lumsden

Hi, my name’s John. I’m a teacher of English as a second language. Before qualifying as an ESL teacher, I did a PhD in philosophy at the University of Essex. While doing my doctoral research I taught philosophy and provided one-to-one academic skills tuition, helping students with their writing assignments. When I’m not teaching I like to read, especially philosophy and literature. I also spend my time learning Spanish and watching far too many films!

Jessica Shales

Immediately upon finishing my Medieval Studies MA last year, I went straight to France to teach English and practise my French. I found the language learning aspect so exciting that I decided to stay on in order to study French for one semester at the University of La Rochelle.
What motivates me most is definitely the chance to meet different people from different cultures (French culture fascinates me especially!), and to share everyday living experiences with them.
In this respect, though, I can’t omit to mention my interest in medieval cultures. I studied six medieval languages in all while at university, and I still find the literature from this period wonderfully compelling.

Peter Kellitt

Hi there. I am a specialist in teaching English as a second language. I have helped students from many different countries and backgrounds to improve their skills and reach their goals. Outside of teaching I love travel, music and reading.

Abdallah Wahishi